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"If you want it done right you gotta KNOW-HOWE"
Affordable, fast or great service?
Know Howe Home Services is different from many types of businesses we don't build things in a factory. We provide service, many times on an emergency basis, for your home mechanical systems. These are the systems that provide you with clean water to drink, shower and wash your clothes. Electricity to light your home, operate your computer and charge your iphone. Heat and air conditioning to make you comfortable when you are at your most favorite place to relax and unwind. We have dedicated ourselves to provide these services that allow people to take their mechanical systems for granted, while you concentrate on your busy life knowing we are always just a phone call away and usually moments away.

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Others say it, we do it. Unfortunately with a lot of service contractors out there they have forgotten the basics of providing these three"services" to their customers.

It's 6:15am you go to take a shower and your ankle deep in water, you get out flush the toilet and it spills over the top. Now what? You have to shower and go to work, the kids need clean uniforms for soccer practice, you dread the thought of washing those dishes by hand and the worst thing of all is you need to use the toilet! The one thing you don't do is go to the yellow pages, it will only make a bad day worse.
"Remember, if you want it done right you gotta Know Howe"

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