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What should you expect?

Your home is one of your most important assets. When buying or selling your home, you need the best home inspection available. KNOW-HOWE Home Inspection Services has been helping homeowners with maintenance and repairs for their plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical system, as well as kitchen and bath remodels for years. We decide it was time to help our valued customers, their relatives, neighbors and friends make the right decisions on the purchase of an existing home, or overseeing that construction of a new home, so they get what they are paying for good quality construction. We are professional, efficient and accessible. We are open from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM on weekends. YOU CAN BOOK INSPECTIONS ONLINE, 24/7 THROUGH OUR WEBSITE.

Choose the Right Inspection for You:

Basic Inspection – At KNOW-HOWE Home Services, we take a different approach to home inspection(s). Depending on the size of the home our inspection includes usually will include the services of (2) licensed home inspectors for an experience with a multiple highly trained consultant(s) with sometimes different perspectives on your property. We understand that everyone's time is valuable, an good home inspection should take appoximately 3-4 hours depending on the age and square footage of the home. To speed up the process, without sacrificing the service we will send (2) inspectors for the same price our competetor's will charge for one and this will get you and your realator on your way quicker in half the time with the completed report at the completion of our inspection. We encourage you to accompany our professional(s) on the inspection. Our unique, easy-to-understand report, which includes photos and illustrations, improvement recommendations with ballpark costs (on request) is delivered in most case at the completion of our inspection and worst case by the end of the same day the inspection is performed.  SAMPLE REPORT

But there’s much more! You receive a copy of our renowned Welcome to your new home brochure, free technical advice for as long as you own your home, a relationship with a experienced home service company in the event that you do need repairs down the line for your plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems, and membership in our service agreement plan, which provides preferred pricing and service on all future repairs.

Essential Inspection – This includes 1 important additions to our basic inspection:
A radon inspection to identify the presence of radon gases, and help protect you from carcegens that these gases give off or a mold test to verifiry that there is no presence of mold in your new home

Enhanced Inspection – This adds 2 services to help identify issues that could affect your family’s health.
A radon inspection to identify the presence of radon gases, and help protect you from carcegens that these gases give off and a mold test to verifiry that there is no presence of mold in your new home

Pricing – Our Basic Inspection starts at $235, depending on the size, age and location of the home, and the type of inspector. Add $225 for the Essential Inspection (limited time offer) and $450 for the Enhanced Inspection.

Book your inspection by calling (800) 732-4693 ext 101 or click to book online.

Home Inspection Products

At KNOW-HOWE Home Services, we have been performing inspections for homebuyers for a while now. We have responded to client requests by adding other inspection services including –

Buyer’s Inspections (Pre-Purchase) – Our traditional home inspection help you make an informed decision when buying a home. 

Our Buyers’ Inspection (Pre-Purchase Inspection) provides a clear picture of the condition of the home, and helps you make an informed decision. Knowledge is power!

Our Services Include:
A summary page detailing the key findings.
Improvement recommendations for conditions, with time frames and ball park costs (upon request)
Photos and color illustrations for clarity.
A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances through RecallChek. Click here to see a sample report.
A copy of our welcome to your new home pamphlet to help understand how houses work, what wears out and important maintenance suggestions.